37. Ronan the Wraithist (S2E18)

Introducing: Michael Kenmore AKA Michael AKA Mikey Boi AKA Trip Tucker coming to a theatre near you this summer. Look out though, he's a sketchy character, probably best to stay clear. "Uh Oh, Michael Comes to Town!"-David Byrne Episode Link

36. Silversun Silversun Silversun (S2E17)

Remember this guy? Genii scientist, looks a bit like the Silversun Pickups guy? Well he's back in a big way. So is Chief O'Brien! Edward James Almost is conspicuously missing, I wonder what that's about... Episode Link

35. Ambiguous Marital Status (S2E16)

It's another body snatchers episode. Gotta love it. Another one. Love all these body cohabitation plots. Really could use more of them. More body snatchers please. Really love it. So great. Keep em coming Stargate. Episode Link

34. A Very Boyish Episode (S2E15)

Oh man remember this one? The Tower? With the feudal society inhabited exclusively by cartoons? Yeah we have lots of laughs at this episode's expense. Also, I don't know why you would ever let a child listen to this program but this one is especially not the time, juvenile humor abounds.  Episode Link

33. Breakfast Club Inception (S2E14)

Man oh man Rodney is in a real fix this time. Will Sheppard and Zelenka find the giant whale circling over his downed underwater spacecraft in time? Yes. Yes they will. Have you seen this show? Of course they will! Episode Link

32. The Zard (S2E13)

Gotta catch em all. Episode Link